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In today's modern society, people are increasingly overwhelmed and stressed by the social pressures in their lives. It is difficult to find a healthy balance. It often manifests itself in burn-out or emotional exhaustion.

Does this sound familiar to you? Through these unique sounds and vibrations you will find more peace on your path to self-knowledge. It is scientifically proven that this musical sculpture brings more peace to our mind and reduces emotional fatigue and stress!

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Create atmospheric and relaxing sounds with this accessible traditional thumb piano, whether you're a beginner or a pro.

Can't Help Falling In Love on a Kalimba - YouTube

What is a kalimba?
This instrument, which originated in Africa, is played by holding the piano in the hands and striking the keys with the thumbs, which is why it is also called a thumb piano. Without complicated actions, the kalimba creates a unique musical experience.

What makes this thumb piano so popular? Its unique ability to relax and soothe - for you alone or with an audience. The ethereal sounds produced by the kalimba are associated with relaxation and feelings of happiness, which is why the instrument is often used in Africa for festivals, performances and community activities.

The perfect hobby
Your new thumb piano is the ideal new hobby, because rest assured you don't have to be an experienced musician! This fine instrument is easy to learn and play, so you can enjoy beautiful music after just a few weeks.

Even without basic musical knowledge you can play the most beautiful sounds. This C-Tune Kalimba plays 17 different tones and is therefore suitable for playing countless types of music. For example, you can play pop, folk, rock or classical music and now always enjoy your favorite music.

Optimal quality
This traditional instrument is made of high quality mahogany and is assembled by excellent craftsmanship to create a thumb piano of optimal quality. So your kalimba will last for years and you can enjoy the soothing sounds of the instrument for a long time.

All in one!
The kalimba comes with a complete starter package, so you can get started without worry. You'll receive the necessary tools, such as finger guards and cleaning cloths, and won't have to make any additional purchases. With engraved sheet music, several stickers and an instruction book, you'll quickly learn how to play and become a pro in no time.


✓ Engraved musical notes - The FREE music book allows everyone to make music. Whether you are a beginner or a professional.

✓ Full relaxation - The unique and soothing sounds have been used for centuries by Buddhists to start the meditation process. When you play this kalimba your inner soul comes to rest. 

✓ Practice music without basic knowledge - The 17 tones make it ideal and quite easy to play the most beautiful songs or sounds very quickly.

✓ Complete package - This Woodley® Kalimba comes with everything you need to start making music. It's truly a fully equipped package!

✓ 17 unique tones - Most kalimbas have too few or too many notes. This rapidly degrades the quality of the rest tones. Here at Oddol we have chosen the Woodley® with 17 tones, because here every tone comes into its own. The perfect exquisite variety.

✓ High quality - With Woodley® we have deliberately chosen the durable and well-known mahogany. Not only does it give a luxurious feel, but also the sounds and tones come out best.

✓ Perfect airtightness - Thus, the mahogany provides a good holding density in relation to the tones. This is very important so that the vibrations and thus the sound arrive.

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The Woodley Kalimba: meditative sound thanks to perfect craftsmanship.

The Woodley Kalimba is played with the fingers. The result is a clear, warm and meditative sound.
When played with the fingers, the basic sound is warm and organic. Thanks to the precise cutting technique, the 17 tones sound clear, loud and pure, without creating distracting frequencies.
The 17 notes are numbered so that simple sequences of notes can be recorded. The luxurious mahogany wood allows sounds to penetrate even deeper.

Contents of the package:

1x Woodley® Kalimba 17 tones (worth $80)

Free extras (this week only):

1x storage bag (worth $10)

1x instruction manual

1x set of colored strips (worth $15)

1x set of clay stickers (worth $10)



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