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Organic Tags Solution Serum™

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Remove skin tags and pimples day after day - painlessly! The natural remedy for happier skin and a happier self.

There is now an all-natural, painless and non-surgical way to get rid of your skin. Our natural serum is a great face tag remover and dark spot corrector. Our organic tag solution serum flattens down smooth moles and leaves no scars. It can be used to remove birthmarks, warts, skin tags, skin blemishes, freckles, and other skin imperfections. It is completely risk-free to use. It is suitable for all skin types.


Our Organic Tags Solutions Serum is an affordable, non-surgical, healthy treatment you can use at home. It is a herbal treatment serum designed to prevent unwanted blemishes. It contains a powerful blend of concentrated natural ingredients that remove blemishes and moles without causing pain or side effects. It is fast-acting which ensures that it will have a positive result.

It contains powerful natural ingredients that:

1. Reduce melanin - contains active ingredients that inhibit tyrosinase activity, preventing melanocyte mutation and reducing the number of melanocytes produced.

2. Dilute Black Mole - contains melanin-depleting ingredients that promote blood circulation, improve skin metabolism, inhibit melanin production and remove black mole.

3. Perfect Complexion - The natural plant essence contained in this product continuously supplies the nutrients that the skin needs, which can not only whiten the black moles but also brighten and rejuvenate your skin.



No pain, no stains, and a non-surgical way to cleanse your skin. Our Organic Tags Solution Serum is designed to help you get rid of those pesky blemishes. It eliminates excess growth by breaking down melanin, which appears as pigmentation in the skin, as well as breaking down proteins in dead skin cells in the top layer of your skin.

More convenient than other removers that require daily use for weeks or months.



✓ Natural Formula - natural extracts make up the Skin Tag Remover and Repair Gel. The natural ingredients help remove excess skin pigmentation while reducing inflammation and promoting healthy tissue growth.

✓ Little to no pain - out of three people who have used our mole removal cream, the procedure was completely painless, while the rest experienced a slight sensation similar to a small ant bite without having any noticeable discomfort.

✓ Safe - suitable for all skin types. It is also suitable for the body and feet. It is very safe to use.

✓ Easy to Use - simply dab the solution onto the affected area.

✓ Fast Results (1-3 weeks) - within 1-3 weeks of application, moles/warts fall off the skin's surface leaving pink/unnoticeable scars. Any type of mole or wart, big, small, old, new, stubborn, on face & body can be easily treated with this product.



Instructions for Use

Wash the affected area with warm water. Dry the spot. Apply the product evenly to the area with warts. Massage gently until absorbed.

Use once in the morning and once in the evening for better results.



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Customer Experience from Gracy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐:

I was frustrated waiting for it to work. The age spots kept getting redder and quite irritated. But finally, after about a week, I can see improvement! They have shrunk and disappeared! Here's what worked for me... I reduced the treatment to bedtime. Reduced to one layer. Apparently, less is more. Hit only the tip and avoid the surrounding skin. After it peeled off, I scraped away the edges with my fingernail (or tweezers)! I think that was the key. Some withdrew completely.

Look at the spot closest to my finger. That peeled off last night. It still has to heal. The area closer to the hairline is smaller and comes off slowly. Nice picture...yuck. Getting old stinks! 

Customer Experience from Anna ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐:

I've had a few small tags here and there, but the one that got me concerned is the brown flat at my hairline. I thought about skin cancer but was afraid to go to the doctor because I have a high deductible. I used it once in the morning and once when I got home for 4 weeks. At week 5 I have no signs of the mole, tags, cancer, or whatever. It obviously wasn't cancer, but I was worried. great product!



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