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Automatic split ends remover | Perfect tool for damaged hair

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Say goodbye to split ends today!


Is your hair damaged by the frequent coloring, drying, heating, straightening and curling? Worry no more, the automatic split end remover keeps your hair smooth and healthy. It removes all our split ends without affecting the length of your hair or ruining its style. Skip trips to the salon and remove pesky split ends from the comfort of your own home!


Coupe fourches - HairSplits Pro 2


The Flawless Split ends Remover uses its unique, patented Surgy-Trim system technology to guide hair strands so that they flow evenly in and out through the strand protectors, while the blades cut off the split ends and leave healthy hair strands untouched. The blade then cuts off the damaged ends by about 1/4 inch, leaving the long, healthy strands completely untouched. The unique design causes the hair to pass evenly through the teeth, trimming only the tips or damaged hair.



The automatic split end remover has a revolutionary double combed design to prevent pulling and tangling of the hair while sliding through the hair effortlessly. This way, all split ends will be removed, even the ones a hairdresser would never be able to see or reach! Split ends will be stored in the closed and locked department, from which they are easily disposable. So no mess while taking care of your hair.


     Coupe fourches - HairSplits Pro 2


    Why customers LOVE the Flawless automatic split ends remover:

    ✓ Healthy hair -
    split ends are the bane of hair care. If split and damaged ends are not trimmed, they cause further damage as they continue to split down to the hair shaft. Consistent trimming with automatic split end remover can revive hair to its crowning glory.

    ✓ Salon Results -
    No more hair salon appointments or worrying about cutting off too much length at home. With the automatic split end remover, it flows in and out evenly through the strand protector while the blades trim off the unwanted ends, leaving healthy hair strands untouched.

    ✓ Safe and easy to use -
    no scissors or blades! By simply dividing the hair into sections and passing each section through the tool, you quickly and safely remove split ends.

    ✓ Rechargeable and Cordless -
    With a 2000 mAh battery capacity, the tool can be used continuously and charged with a rechargeable USB cable, making it portable and convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

    ✓ Quick disposal -
    No dirt cutting! Designed with a simple clamp lock cover, the blades are protected from the user and cut hair has ample space. You can easily throw it in the trash can by opening the cover.


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    How to use the Flawless Split Ends Remover:

    1. attach the device to the board.

    2. select the button with the left and right arrows on the front of the device, depending on which side of the hair you are working on. The arrow that is turned on must point down. The motor turns on when the button is pressed.

    3. when you move the device from one hand to the other, you must press the buttons from left to right so that the direction of the blades faces the bottom when you use it.

    4. place a small strand of dry hair on the central guide plate on top of the hair plate. This product is specifically designed to cut strands of hair that can only be cut with the blade.

    5. treat each section of dry hair 3 times. After finishing each small section of hair, attach it to the side that separates the untreated hair. Select another small section of hair and repeat the treatment until the work surface is complete.

    Please note that the motor will turn off if the button is pressed twice or is in the lock OFF position.

    The package contains:

    1 * Hair Clippers
    1 * Accessories
    1 * Storage bag



    99.3% of our customers recommend Automatic Split End Remover, which you get with a 14-day risk-free guarantee.

    If for any reason you do not have a positive experience, we will do EVERYTHING to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

    If you are not satisfied with the Automatic Split End Remover, we offer thanks to our satisfaction guarantee.

    We have 24/7/365 email support. Contact us if you need any help!


    Automatic split ends remover | Perfect tool for damaged hair

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